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The Auto Detailing Expert in Montgomery, AL

Sam Williams III business card for vehicle detailing in Montgomery, AL.

With more than 17 years of experience in the auto industry, owner Sam Williams III is now a proud auto detailing expert in Montgomery, AL, with the skills and in-depth knowledge that only time can bring. Even from his beginnings as a car salesman, he enjoyed keeping his vehicles as shiny and attractive as possible, enticing potential buyers to his quality automobiles. And he is proud to maintain that tradition to this day!

To better showcase his passion for auto detailing, car cleaning, and more, Sam began a mobile car wash company in 2005. His established client base (including commercial clients, dealerships, and more) has always held him in high esteem, and his reputation for solid service follows him wherever he goes. Since expanding to a physical location, he continues to provide high-quality vehicle detailing to a wide range of clients. His car spa attracts a wide variety of clients, and we know you’ll be pleased with your service.

Dedicated to a Job Well Done

There is a simple reason for the high level of care and attention you’ll find at iDetail — our owner has a real passion for his job. It’s well known that there is an incredible difference between a business that enjoys their work and one that is just in it for a quick buck. Providing exceptional results is just one of the ways we demonstrate our commitment to our clients, and we know you’ll appreciate this.

There really is nothing better than taking a well-loved but dirty vehicle and transforming it into the beautiful automobile it was meant to be. We are proud to maintain a high standard of work, and we have Sam to thank for setting such a high benchmark. An ex-athlete, he compares his work to sinking the big shot in a basketball game or scoring a winning touchdown. So visit us today and let our auto detailing experts hit a home run cleaning your vehicle.

A Full-Service Shop

As a full-service auto detailing shop and car wash, we offer a wide range of exterior and interior car detailing and cleaning services for automobiles. Experienced with a wide range of vehicles, we’ll have your car looking better than ever — and it will stay safe from the corrosive elements found in the dirt and mud that so easily gets plastered over our vehicles. When you’re looking for car cleaning in Montgomery, AL, come on down to iDetail.

Contact the auto detailing professionals at iDetail and have your vehicle looking better than ever. We serve clients throughout the Montgomery, AL, area.